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46 Best Gift Ideas for Coffee Lovers (Gear, Samplers, Accessories, Beans)

Coffee lovers are a special breed. And they are notoriously hard to buy for. That’s why I wrote this post. I’m a coffee geek (I even run a blog about it). In this guide, you’ll find 46 curated gift ideas for coffee lovers.

Gifts for coffee lovers

46 Gifts for Coffee Lovers

Are you tired of worrying about what to get for the coffee lover in your life? Coffee is a popular drink because it can improve your health and give you a boost of energy in the middle of a long day.

Those who drink coffee often love the effects that the drink has on them, from the cozy/comforting smell right down to the mini-buzz. Whether you need to find something for someone who drinks coffee every day or just a few days a week, this guide will introduce you to some amazing gifts for coffee lovers.

Unique gifts for coffee lovers

Best Gifts for Coffee Lovers (Top Picks)

You should definitely take a look at some of the sections in this gift guide to get a look at some of the great gifts you can buy for a coffee lover.

Before you delve into those sections though, make sure you go over the best gifts for coffee lovers, which include the top picks and ideas for everyone you know.

Stainless Steel French Press

As it comes packaged inside a gift box, this french press serves as a good gift for any coffee drinker. It helps coffee lovers get more out of their ground beans and lets them keep those grounds out of the finished coffee that they drink.

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This french press uses three layers of stainless steel to both regulate the temperature of the coffee inside and to make the machine last longer.

How to Make Coffee: The Science Behind the Bean (Book)

How to Make Coffee is the ultimate how-to guide for those new to the world of coffee. It also features some effective tips for those who want to make delicious drinks at home.

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The book includes tips on buying coffee products and lists out the items that serious coffee drinkers must have in their collections. It’s one of the definitive books for coffee enthusiasts.

Ninja Coffee Maker with Stainless Carafe (Premium)

One of the only machines that can make both hot and cold brewed coffee is the Ninja Premium. It comes with accessories for measuring beans and powders and frothing milk to add to a cappuccino or latte.

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The machine makes cold coffee in 15 minutes or less and can make hot coffee even faster. Users can choose from five brew styles and six brew sizes to make the perfect cup every time.

Krups Coffee Grinder

Anyone who likes grinding beans might like this KRUPS grinder because of all its settings. It lets them change the consistency of the grind and the number of beans used at a single time.

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The grinder has an airtight container on the top that stores the beans and keeps them fresh in between grinds and simple to use buttons on the front. It has a compact shape and a small footprint that won’t take up a lot of valuable kitchen space.

Yeti Rambler Coffee Mug

Though some know Yeti for the coolers that the company makes, it’s also the manufacturer of the Rambler insulated mug.

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Designed for those who want to take drinks on the go, it has a lid that locks in place to prevent spills and a durable coating on the outside that won’t peel off. This mug holds up to 20 ounces and comes in some fun colors.

Coffee Storage Container

Cooking odors and leftovers sitting out can ruin an expensive batch of coffee beans because odors penetrate the beans and affect the flavor.

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This storage container does a good job of blocking those odors and keeping beans fresh for months. It comes with a scoop for measuring coffee and has a freshness lock on the top that shows when the beans were put inside. Read more about how to store coffee.

12 Month Coffee Subscription Box

This subscription box is truly the gift that keeps giving because it comes with 12 months of boxes. Each month, your loved one will receive a selection of handpicked goodies, including some of the finest coffees from around the world.

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The minds behind this box work with Seattle roasters to select four different types of coffee every month. Every month that the box arrives, your loved one will think of you.

Coffee maker gifts

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Coffee Maker Gifts

The best gift for a coffee drinker might be a simple coffee maker. There are so many different designs now available that you can find one your loved one doesn’t have and one that will fit your budget.

Stovetop Espresso Coffee Maker

Traditional coffee fans might like this stove top espresso maker, which has a classic design.

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With a six cup capacity, it can hold up to 10 ounces of water for making both strong and weak espresso mixtures. The stainless steel design is safe for use on the stove, and it can make espresso in six minutes or less.

Chemex Coffee Maker

This Chemex maker would look right at home on Don Draper’s breakfast tale because it features a design that hasn’t changed in decades.

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It uses borosilicate glass that can last for years and a wood band with leather accents that keeps hands away from the hot glass. This model makes pour over coffee and can go right in the fridge when making iced coffee.

Vacuum Insulated French Press Coffee Maker

This french press looks quite different from others you’ve seen before because it has an insulated vacuum design that keeps the brewed coffee as hot as possible.

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It’s great for those who love coffee at home throughout the day and is rugged enough to take camping. It also includes a storage canister to keep beans fresh between uses.

Drip Coffee Machine

A good quality drip machine such as this one from Cuisinart is perfect for any home.

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It has a digital display on the front that shows the date and time, but this display also provides access to the timer and shows the temperature of the coffee brewing. The machine can make up to 14 cups of coffee at a time and lets users select their brewing preferences.

Breville Espresso Maker (Premium)

One of the ultimate and best gifts for any coffee lover is this espresso maker from Breville. It has a built-in burr grinder that grinds fresh beans and a storage holder for the ground beans.

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A bypass door on the back lets users make traditional coffee from ground beans too. It even has a steam wand that froths milk for topping cappuccinos and other drinks.

Pour Over Coffee Drip

Shops that specialize in drip coffee are popular today, and this drip maker lets fans make that same coffee at home.

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It has a cone design that lets more of the coffee’s essence reach each cup, and a ceramic body that regulates the temperature of the coffee. This drip maker works with water flowing at different rates.

Cold Brew Coffee Maker

Some coffee drinkers prefer cold brew over traditional brews, which is why this cold brew maker is such a good gift idea. It makes one quart of cold or iced coffee that users can store in their fridge.

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The cold brew maker has a non-slip handle to prevent accidents, an airtight lid that keeps fridge odors out and a mesh filter that separates the grounds from the water.

Quirky and Unique Gifts for Coffee Lovers

Buying the perfect gift for a coffee lover can leave you feeling annoyed and frustrated because you just don’t know what to buy.

When you take a look at some of the quirky and unique gifts for coffee lovers in the following section, you can find gift ideas that you never considered before. These gifts appeal to coffee lovers of all ages.

“Bring Me Coffee” Socks

Coffee lovers who share their homes might get a kick out of these socks, which have “if you can read this” and “bring me coffee” printed on the bottoms.

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The socks fit women’s feet ranging in size from 6 to 9.5 and have a fuzzy interior that provides some nice warmth on a cold day or night.

Coffee Necklace (Caffeine Molecule)

An elegant coffee gift for that special woman in your life is this coffee necklace, which features the scientific molecule of coffee.

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Made from sterling silver, the pendant is plated in 14K white gold and has three layers of that gold plated over the top. It comes with a matching 19-inch chain that adds to its elegant and fashionable look.

Adult Coloring Book for Coffee Lovers

The Adult Coloring Book for Coffee Lovers is a fun and unique gift. Coloring the pages and even flipping through the book can have a calming effect that helps your loved one reduce stress.

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Each page features a different image that users can color with markers and other craft supplies.

Coffee T-Shirt

Thanks to this Thread Tank shirt, your loved one can let others know what is on her list. It comes in a pale heather gray color and features a funny coffee phrase on the front.

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This shirt has a relaxed fit that won’t cling to her body and is available in a few different sizes.

“Caffeine Loading” Shirt

Do you have a friend or family member who is a bit hard to handle before that first cup of coffee in the morning? This fun tee shirt lets others know to step back in the morning.

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It comes in several sizes and multiple colors. Each shirt features a loading image on the front with “Caffeine Loading” printed across that image.

Mother / Child Coffee Shirt Set

With this shirt set, you get two gifts in one. It comes with a relaxed fit tee shirt for women with “I need coffee” and a coffee cup image on the front.

Check current price on Amazon

Also included is an adorable onesie for her little one with “I’m a latte to handle” on it.

Coffee Heartbeat Shirt

If you have someone who claims coffee is his or her lifeline, this coffee heartbeats tee shirt makes a great gift.

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It features a classic heartbeat monitor line across the front that has a cup of coffee in the middle. This shirt lets others know that your loved one relies on coffee.

Women’s Coffee Tee

The relaxed fit of this women’s tee gives it a comfortable fit that won’t cling to her body.

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It uses a combination of polyester and cotton and is machine washable. This shirt also has a scoop neck and a fun coffee phrase printed across the front.

World Atlas of Coffee: From Beans to Brewing (Book)

One of the more popular books in the coffee world is The World Atlas of Coffee, which teaches coffee drinkers all about this drink.

Check current price on Amazon

It is available as a hardback book for those who want to display it and as a Kindle book for those with an e-book reader. The book is the definitive guide to roasting beans and brewing coffee.

Coffee Accessory Gifts

With so many different types of coffee gifts out there, you might wonder which ones are the best for the people on your list.

Coffee accessories can make good gifts for those who like whipping up traditional and experimental blends at home. Some of the following gifts let coffee drinkers take their favorite brews with them too.

Coffeevac Coffee Storage Container

The taste and flavor of coffee can change because of odors that cling to the beans or powder. An easy way to block out those odors is with an airtight storage container.

Check current price on Amazon

This model measures less than eight inches tall and has a button that lets users tighten the seal to prevent air from getting inside. It preserves the aroma of the coffee and helps its great flavor last longer.

Milk Frother

Cappuccino just isn’t cappuccino without the addition of frothed milk on top. Those who love this coffee drink might appreciate a milk frother that lets them make that topping.

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This tool weighs only 11 ounces and uses batteries to spin the whisk attachment. When added to hot or cold milk, it turns that liquid into a rich foam.

Krups Coffee Burr Grinder

KRUPS is the manufacturer behind some great coffee tools and accessories such as this grinder. It has a sharp blade inside that grinds coffee beans into the consistency that the user selects.

Check current price on Amazon

Capable of grinding enough beans to make up to 12 cups of coffee, it can grind three ounces of coffee beans in just a few seconds.

Coffee Mug Desk Warmer

Nothing tastes worse than cold coffee, which is why COSORI makes this mug warmer, which keeps both coffee and tea hot.

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The included mug sits right on top of the warmer, which has a digital display for setting its temperature. Both the mug and the warmer use a high grade of stainless steel to ensure that they last for years.

Beast Coffee Mug

With the BEAST mug, your loved one can make cold coffee a thing of the past. This is a bundle kit that comes with accessories for cleaning out the mug and two steel straws.

Check current price on Amazon

The mug itself features a vacuum design with double layers of insulation. You can choose from two sizes and a few different colors too.

Home Coffee Roaster

The ultimate gift for coffee enthusiasts who also love spending time outdoors might be this traditional coffee roaster. It has a waffle design on the interior that keeps beans from sticking to the bottom and sides and a rear hole that lets them hear the beans as they roast.

Check current price on Amazon

This roaster has a ceramic design that can stand up to high temperatures and a cowhide wrap that keeps their hands away from the hot ceramic.

Coffee Decor Gifts

One of the top reasons to buy coffee decor gifts rather than other types of gifts is because you can pick decorations that match the design of your loved one’s home.

You might choose something with a rustic or vintage design or go for something more modern and contemporary. The following gifts are ones they can display in their kitchens and other rooms.

Manual Coffee Grinder

Give your loved one an easy way to grind beans the old-fashioned way with this manual grinder.

Check current price on Amazon

It has a drawer on the bottom that collects the ground beans to prevent messes and a metal handle that turns easily to grind the beans. The more they turn the handle, the more beans they’ll grind. It also lets them create the perfect grind consistency.

Vintage Coffee Shelf

The vintage design of this coffee shelf helps it fit with any existing decorations in a home.

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This shelf resembles the old crates that companies used to ship coffee and offers plenty of storage space. It also has four metal hooks attached to the bottom for hanging mugs and other accessories.

Coffee Mug Holder and Sign

If you have a coffee lover who feels the day can’t start without a cup, this coffee first sign is a fun gift idea.

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It has a rustic look and uses weathered wood to make it look more like an antique. The sign tells the world that coffee always comes first and features metal hooks along the bottom for storing five cups or mugs.

Rustic Tin Coffee Sign

With this rustic sign, coffee lovers can make their kitchens look like a vintage diner. This metal sign measures six-inches by nearly 17-inches and has holes drilled in the back for mounting it inside or out.

Check current price on Amazon

It also comes with a plastic film over the top that protects the sign during shipping and peels off easily without damaging the design.

Coffee Mug Rack

Help your loved one organize a kitchen or dining room with a mug/cup rack designed specifically for coffee lovers. This rack mounts onto the wall and has metal hooks that hold up to 12 coffee mugs.

Check current price on Amazon

It features a vintage look across the front that carries over onto the metal hooks and the word “coffee” across the top.

Coffeeology Sign

With this coffeeology sign, your loved one can let others know that he or she follows a coffee lifestyle.

Check current price on Amazon

It features funny phrases and lines across the front that use coffee puns such as “stay grounded” and “friends don’t let friends drink bad coffee.”

Coffee Menu Sign

One look at this vintage sign will have you testing your coffee IQ. Made from tin, it measures eight-inches by 12-inches and looks similar to a chalkboard.

Check current price on Amazon

The sign features fun drawings of coffee drinks with details about what goes into each mixture, including a flat white and a cafe latte.

Gift ideas for coffee lovers

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Coffee Samplers

Though some people think that all coffee tastes the same, the flavors detected in a cup can vary significantly based on where those beans grew.

Some coffees taste more like chocolate and caramel, while others have fruity or acidic notes. A good way to let a loved one sample some of those different flavors is with a coffee sampler that comes with multiple blends.

World Coffee Sampler Set

Why settle for coffee sourced in North America when you can get coffee from around the world with this World Coffee sampler set?

Check current price on Amazon

The bags have a simple color display on the front that shows your loved one the roast of each type, and a paper label offers some extra information about each blend. This box comes with 16 different types of coffee inside.

Dark Roast Gourmet Coffee Sampler

Fans of darker roasts might appreciate this Dark Roast sampler that comes with four packs of roasted ground coffee.

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Dark roasts are a little more bitter than other blends and often have an acidic aftertaste that some really like. Your loved one will get four bags of coffee sourced from some of the leading suppliers in Washington.

All Roasts Gourmet Coffee Sampler

With this All Roasts sampler pack, you can treat a loved one to some gourmet coffee blends. The four packs of ground coffee come inside a cardboard box that is suitable for wrapping.

Check current price on Amazon

All the blends come from some of the top roasters and coffee houses in and around Seattle, Washington, which some think is the ultimate destination for coffee lovers.

Kicking Horse 3 Blend Sampler

Coffee enthusiasts who have like grinding their own beans might like this Kicking Horse sampler set. The set includes three bags of beans that each feature a different blend or flavor.

Check current price on Amazon

While Three Sisters is a medium roast, Kick *ss and 454 Horse Power are medium roasts. These coffees are all certified free trade too.

Treasure Chest of Coffee

Opening this Treasure Chest can make an adult feel like a kid again. It has a fun design that looks like an antique pirate chest, but it holds more than 10 different coffee samplers.

Check current price on Amazon

Each sample pack can make up to eight cups of coffee based on the strength of the brew. The coffees are all free of sugar and gluten.

Coffee lover gift ideas


What could be a better gift for a coffee enthusiast than a bag of beans? While you can purchase ground beans and coffee powders from grocery stores and specialty shops, many drinkers like grinding and brewing beans at home.

This lets them control the coarseness of the beans and the finished product. You can purchase different types of beans sourced from countries around the world.

Swiss Decaf Coffee

Not everyone can handle the full caffeine found in a standard cup of coffee, which is why some coffee enthusiasts might prefer a bag of Swiss Decaf.

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Though this blend has the same great flavor as regular coffee does, it lacks the caffeine that can make some people feel jittery. It comes with five pounds of Arabica beans that have notes of citrus fruits, chocolate and caramel.

Espresso Coffee Beans

Espresso has a much richer and deeper flavor than ordinary coffee does, and this espresso pack lets coffee drinkers get a coffee shop flavor at home.

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Each bag of beans uses the Super Crema flavor that has a slightly bitter aftertaste. The beans are suitable for use in both coffee and espresso machines.

Nicaragua Coffee

Instead of buying beans, you might try shopping for a ground powder such as this Nicaragua blend, which comes already ground and ready for use in a coffee maker.

Check current price on Amazon

This set comes with three bags that each contain 12 ounces of ground coffee. The blend has a deep and rich flavor with hints of chocolate.

Jamaican Blue Mountain Coffee Beans

CUBICO makes a variety of different coffees and sells beans sourced from around the world, but one of its more popular options is Jamaican Blue Mountain.

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These beans come straight from Jamaica and go through a roasting process that gives them a slightly nutty flavor with some notes of acid and nuts. Each bag comes with a resealable top too.

Raw Coffee Beans

Sourced from Guatemala, these raw beans are popular among those who prefer both light and dark roasts.

Check current price on Amazon

The bag contains a rare and hard to find types of bean that farmers grow more than 1,000 meters above sea level. These beans have rich notes of berries, molasses, green tea and dark chocolate.

Before ordering raw beans, make sure that your coffee lover has a coffee roaster. They might have a manual or automatic bean roaster.

Best gifts for coffee lovers

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Your Turn

No matter the coffee lover in your life, there should be something in this guide for them. What gift do you have your eye on?

Have a recommendation? Let me know in the comments!

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